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Land Reclamation
No 45 (1)

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KODA E., KOŁANKA T., OSIŃSKI P. Investigation of soil contamination level beneath the metallurgical waste landfill for the purpose of future reclamation works

RABARIJOELY S., JABŁONOWSKI S., GARBULEWSKI K. BAYANAL code in geotechnical design based on Eurocode 7

SAS W., MARGIELSKI J., GŁUCHOWSKI A. Estimation of mechanical properties of soil stabilized by hydratized lime addition

OLESZCZUK R., TRUBA M. The analysis of some physical properties of drained peat-moorsh soil layers
MALARSKI M. Treatment of bath greywater using cartridge filters as a way to reduce water consumption in households

KOWALIK W., PACHUTA K., JEZNACH J. The stabilization and protection of shorelines using the broadleaf cattail and reed sweet grass

ADAMOWSKI J. Using support vector regression to predict direct runoff, base flow and total flow in a mountainous watershed with limited data in Uttaranchal, India

POPEK Z., WASILEWICZ M., BAŃKOWSKA A., BOCZOŃ A. Water budget of the Zdworskie Lake in 2008–2012 period

MAJEWSKI G., ĆWIEK K. Effect of a different degree of anthropogenic transformation on the formation of bioclimatic conditions – Warsaw case study

IGNAR S., WĘGLEWSKA A., SZPORAK-WASILEWSKA S., CHORMAŃSKI J. Spatial and temporal variability of the interception in the natural wetland valley, the lowerBiebrza basin case study

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